About Bongaigaon

Bongaigaon is located in western Assam and has the administrative headquarters and the municipal board office of Bongaigaon district. The city is divided into two parts: Old Bongaigaon and New Bongaigaon. Due to its location in the Brahmaputra River basin, Bongaigaon has a treasure trove of forest and fertile lands.

According to the 2011 census, Bongaigaon district had a population of 732629 with 373590 males and 359049 females. The average literacy rate is 70.44%. The population of Bongaigaon mainly consists of Assamese and Bodo followed by Bengalis and Marwaris. However, migration from neighboring Bangladesh has increased the population.

About Bongaigaon

Administration of Bongaigaon

Bongaigaon district is an administrative district of Assam with its headquarters located in Bongaigaon town. The district administration is run by the Deputy Commissioner. The Bongaigaon district has a three sub division and five revenue circles and developmental blocks.

Deputy Commissioner, Bongaigaon
Contacts(Off.): 03664-230889,231171,223795
Contacts(Res.): 03664-230891,230490(Res.)
Fax(Off.): 231338
Fax(Res.): 230490
Email: [email protected]

Supperintendent of Police, Bongaigaon   
Contacts(Off.): 03664-230898   
Contacts(Res.): 03664-230892   
Fax(Off.): 230996   
Email: [email protected]

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Bongaigaon Municipal Board

The town of Bongaigaon is managed by the Bongaigaon Municipal Board. The board supervises the efficient maintenance and smooth running of the different departments of the town. The Bongaigaon District Administration oversees the smooth running of the various developmental blocks and departments of the district of Bongaigaon as a whole.

Bongaigaon Lok Sabha Constituency

The town of Bongaigaon is a part of the Barpeta Lok Sabha Constituency. It is one of the fourteen constituencies of Lok Sabha in the state of Assam. The Barpeta Lok Sabha Constituency consists of the assembly segments of Bongaigaon, Abhayapuri, Barpeta, Patacharkuchi, Jania, Baghbar, Sarukhetri, Changa and Dharmapur.

District Rural Development Agency, Bongaigaon

The District Rural Development Agency in Bongaigaon implements infrastructure and policies for the development of the rural sectors of the district in their social and economic fields. Under the effectiveness of various programmes implemented by the development authorities, the agency works to bring them into effect and develop the rural areas under the district. It also stresses on development of historical important sites and tourist spots in Bongaigaon.

History of Bongaigaon

Bongaigaon was formed out after the creation of the Bongaigaon district on 29th September 1989. Bongaigaon town was then made the official administrative head of the district. Earlier the Goalpara district was formed in 1822 A.D which in the beginning was a part of the North-East Rangpur district (now in Bangladesh). The Garo hills were originally a part of the Goalpara district but were later in 1866 separated and simultaneously the Goalpara district was also separated from the North-East Rangpur district and included in Koch Behar.

However, in 1874, the British Government created a new province named Assam Valley Province and removed Goalpara from Koch Behar and included it in the Assam Valley Province. This original Goalpara district lead to the creation of five districts Bongaigaon being one of them. The Bongaigaon district led to the formation of Bongaigaon.

Economy of Bongaigaon

The people of Bongaigaon are mostly farmers. However, there are some who are engaged in service and in some private firms and industries located here.

The Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) in Bongaigaon serves as good income source for the people engaged there. The city has developed over time with the establishment of this IOCL. The Bongaigaon Refinery is the eighth largest refinery of Indian Oil. It is formed as a result of amalgamation of Bongaigaon Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited with Indian Oil on March 25 2009. The refinery is located at Dhaligaon in Chirang district of Assam.

About Bongaigaon

The IOCL has over the years increased its production capacity and has also worked towards upliftment of the Bongaigaon town. The refinery has an ecological park and pond for environmental protection and conservation. In view of the green world initiatives it has won prestigious awards and recognitions from the Ministry of Environment.

Jogighopa is a huge industrial area. The Jogighopa paper industry brings in a huge amount of revenue to the city.  It is one of the important paper mills in Assam. It was set up in 1970. The mill has a capacity of producing 100 tonnes of pulp and 90 tonnes of paper per day. There is Jogighopa coal market also located in Jogighopa.

Emergency Services in Bongaigaon

Bongaigaon is an administrative district of the state of Assam. Being an important industrial town and a significant district in Assam, Bongaigaon has many well equipped medical facilities, emergency police and other facilities. There are also helpline services which provide instant emergency help to victim or any requirement for a patient. One can also contact police by dialing 100 or the local police station in Bongaigaon for immediate help.  There are also fire services available in their emergency telephone number 101. Some of the important contact of medical facilities, police stations and fire services are:

Police Station
Phone No.: 03664- 220994/ 230898/ 230892

Police Control Room
Phone No.: 03664- 231226

Fire Brigade
Phone No.: 03664- 231226/ 228381

Healthcare Services in Bongaigaon

Industrial town of Bongaigaon has many efficient hospitals, health care centres and medical research centres spread across the town. These medical health facilities provide advanced health remedies and are well quipped with latest technologies to provide the best services in their field. Some of these health facilities are:

About Bongaigaon

Bongaigaon Civil Hospital
Phone No.: 03664- 228940

Lower Assam Hospital and Research Center
Chapaguri Road,
Phone No.: 03664- 230464/ 230465/ 236936

Swagat Hospital and Research Center
C.M Das Path,
North Bongaigaon
Phone No.: 03664- 224625

Agarwala Hospital
Phone No.: 03664- 230927

New Bongaigaon Railway Hospital

Postal Services in Bongaigaon

The town of Bongaigaon has a post office which is located in the town itself. Postal services are conducted by the Indian Postal Services. The postal services of any district or a place is important sector as it not only a medium of communication but also provides a link of interaction of people living across the globe. Although various other modes of communication can be available frequently and are also using widely by the masses but the postal services, is still a major communication form. It us mostly used by the people of the less developed areas as it is the only source of sending or receiving messages from one person to another whether near or far. Some of the important numbers of the Postal services are:

Bongaigaon Post Office
Phone: 03664- 222236

New Bongaigaon Sub Office
Phone: 03664- 222217

Electricity in Bongaigaon

Electricity is one of the important utility services provided to the public. This service is provided by the Government and is supplied to all facilities across a town, district or the state.

Assam State Electricity Board:
The Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB) is the electricity board of Assam.  It is a public sector undertaking managing the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Assam with its successor companies Assam power generation Co. Ltd, Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Ltd, Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd. Customers can pay their electricity bills in the payment branch of the ASEB office.  The consumers will receive receipts of payment after the process.

Assam State Electricity Board
Dhaligaon, Bongaigaon
Phone No.: 03664- 230293/ 230295/ 241223

Banks in Bongaigaon

There are different banks and financial organizations in Bongaigaon which provide their services to the people here. Largest commercial banks in India, like the State Bank of India too have branches all over Bongaigaon. Apart from that, other Indian banks like Central Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank among others also have their services in Bongaigaon. These leading banks also have their ATMs for easy transaction facilities for the public.

About Bongaigaon

Following are the locations of the banks across Bongaigaon town. One can also locate the ATMs of the respective banks by clicking on the bank names as follows:

Axis Bank
Chaparaguri Road,
Phone No.: 03664- 230267/ 230501

Bank of Baroda
AOC Road,
Phone No.: 03664- 237288

Bank of India
Main road,
Phone No.: 03664- 236008

Canara Bank
Cantara Complex,
Chaparaguri Road,
North Bongaigaon
Phone No.: 9957568717

Central Bank of India
Main Road,
Phone No.: 03664- 230454

Chaparaguri Road,
BOC Gate,
North Bongaigaon

Chaparaguri Road,
AOC Gate,
North Bongaigaon

Indian Bank
AOC Road,
Phone No.: 03664- 230388

Indian Overseas Bank
BOC Gate,
Chaaparaguri Road,
North Bongaigaon
Phone No.: 03664- 230932

Oriental Bank of Commerce
AT Road,
Phone No.: 0373- 2323912

Punjab National Bank
Phone No.: 03664- 230340

State Bank of India
Phone No.: 03664- 230202

UCO Bank
Station Road,
Phone No.: 03664- 230305

Union Bank of India
Main Road,
Phone No.: 03664- 230258

United Bank of India

Entertainment in Bongaigaon

When we say about entertainment, it includes aspects like cinema, theater, sports, games, dance and music among others. Bongaigaon is a beautiful industrial town located in western Assam. The town has well developed commercial establishments in different corners of it. Some of the entertainment avenues in Bongaigaon are:

Cinema in Bongaigaon

Cinema is an important source of fun and entertainment for people. Mayapuri Cinema Hall is a famous cinema hall in Bongaigaon town.

Cinema in Bongaigaon

Theater in Bongaigaon

Theater is another important source of entertainment of Assamese people since earlier times. People often watch theaters and Bhaonas or plays enacted by artists.  The rural people still find theater the most important source of entertainment. Famous theater groups better known as Bhramyaman theaters like Aabahan and Kohinoor enact plays across the state of Assam.

Dance & Music in Bongaigaon

Dance and music, being the significant entertainment medium, people are engaged mostly in Bihu dance which is the folk dance of Assam.

Dance & Music in Bongaigaon

Shopping in Bongaigaon

Shopping is one of the most common and favorite pastime for many people. Bongaigaon being an industrial town of Assam, there are many commercial establishments and shopping complexes which are built across the town.
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